Bud Light. Oh, sweet, sweet Bud Light. We love you. But sometimes our judgy friend who is definitely not named Miguel, criticizes us for not drinking a craft beer that was brewed on a ship. He says, “you can really taste the ocean,” but that just means overly salty beer to us. We want to enjoy our beer without the hipster judgments.

That’s why we created Incanito can covers that slide over our favorite Anheuser-Busch beers to make them look like the latest craft beers.

Definitely-Not-Miguel will think we love needlessly complicated beers, and we can drink our favorites in peace.

Incanito 1.png

Budweiser becomes Clyde (for the famous Clydesdale horses)

Incanito 2.png

Bud Light becomes Easy Street (for it’s smooth drinkability)

Bud Ice becomes Hailstone (uh, ice)

Incanito 4.png
Incanito 5.png

CREDITS: incanito, 2018/ co-designers: carter dunn, cassie cheng